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Autism Services

At Changing Tides, we are dedicated to providing clinical services to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy Services Program provides individualized treatment and parent training focused on improving core deficits associated with ASD - social communication and play. While our approach to treatment is rooted in the science of ABA, we utilize developmental and play-based strategies to help make sure children are motivated and engaged while working on treatment goals that are most critical for their continued development.



The objective of the evaluation is to carry out an individualized assessment of a child's skills in all important developmental areas (social communication, play, and independent skills).

ABA Treatment

Our model of intervention strongly focuses on the development of early social responding through the establishment of social chains to promote communication and early social behaviors (i.e., joint attention). Early learners in therapy will build a foundation in social interactions as well as verbal skills that are taught almost entirely in a play-based context. Daily routines will be explored based on a child's development and natural desire to gain independence.

Child Counseling

Parent Training

During the course of therapy, our goal always includes modeling and teaching parents how to develop social chains that can be applied to everyday interactions with their children including social play in games, interacting with toys, and creating fun in daily routines.

School Collaboration

It is our goal to be a resource to families, schools, medical providers, and other community-based services. Each one plays a significant role in supporting a child's health and development. Through communication, shared goals, and collaboration, we would like to be part of the child's team working to bridge developmental gaps.

Modern Classroom
Amy Sundheim

Amy Sundheim, M.Ed, Ed.S, BCBA

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, She has experience and training in autism identification and treatment that she integrates with her background in child development. She is also dedicated to supervising others in using a play-based model rooted in applied behavior analysis during treatment. She loves to collaborate with parents, school staff, and specialists around the state. 
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