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About Us

Changing Tides Therapy Services is proud to offer therapy services for people across the lifespan in Homer and its surrounding communities.  At Changing Tides Therapy Services, we work to realize the full potential of our community members in hopes that one day, everyone in the community has the opportunity to successfully navigate throughout their day as independently and successfully as possible.  We continuously promote collaborative involvement, where clients and their families will be the agents of change in their treatment process.  Partnering together will ultimately lead to increased generalization and maintenance of newly acquired skills.

The values that drive our practice:

  • Invest in people

  • Exceed expectations

  • Act with integrity

  • Succeed together


The first step in seeing if you or your loved one can benefit from services offered at Changing Tides Therapy Services, is by making an appointment with a medical provider.  The physician may order an evaluation from one of our therapists, who will then make their own recommendations. If it turns out you or your loved one is a candidate, you can look forward to exploring the benefits that Changing Tides Therapy Services has to offer.

If you are unsure of how to best help yourself or an aging loved one, the trained and compassionate staff at Changing Tides Therapy Services are here to help you make that decision.​

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